West African musicians dominates Afrima

West African musicians dominates the nomination list in the upcoming All Africa Music Award with 38  percent.

NANS reports that Davido and Burna Boy were nominated for the award.



We recall that Afrima called for nomination on the 20th of May 2019, the nomination which they got up to 8,157 nominees from the whole continent of Africa.

A 30 man committee was formed by AFRIMA officials that screened and graded the nomination with west Africa having 38 per cent while South Africa has in the second place with 24 percent

East Africa and central Africa are having 20 percent while North Africa is the least with just 4  percent

A member of the International jury from South Africa Mr Dalani said after the review

as with each year, the musicians never cease to amaze us with their incredible talent. As jurors, we are impressed with the quality of work being produced.

“We are confident that the nominees’ list presented this year is a true reflection of world-class African talent and each year it gets harder and harder to judge and grade the standard.

All regions on the African continent continue to surprise us by what we see and hear.

“It is encouraging to also see how the music lovers and fans are growing in record numbers to support the music.

“We are enthusiastic to see this wave of appreciation transcend across the border and overseas.

We would like to encourage more musicians, songwriters, and producers to keep submitting and spreading the word of AFRIMA.

“This is so that we can celebrate together the progress and pinnacles of where African music is reaching”

The main event is meant to hold on the 20th of November till 23th.

The four days are meant to come with a lot of activities which includes, A visit to the Host city, Africa music submit etc