Your genitals are one of your body’s most sensitive areas and it takes no time to notice anything that comes up. Although vaginal bumps don’t normally indicate a serious condition, in your daily life they can cause discomfort.

What causes pimples in the VIRGINAL

You may be concerned about vaginal pimples, but the truth is that genital pimples are usually formed on the vulva, which is the outer part of your genitals, and includes the labia majora (outer lips), the labia minora (inner lips), the outer part of the clitoris, and the vaginal and urethral openings.

This is a highly sensitive area and it is very easy to irritate for certain people. Here are the main reasons why this part of your body can get pimples.

The most common cause of pimples in lipsticks is folliculitis Folliculitis. It happens when bacteria enter the pubic labial hair follicles. When the hair grows out of these follicles, it tends to curl back and forth.

The risk of folliculitis is increased by shaking your pubic hair. Strong fitting underwear and sweating can also increase your risk of foliculitis-related pimples.

Folliculitis is gone by itself. You may want to avoid Starching your pubic hair for a while following a bout of folliculitis.`

Whenever you sweat, you can also avoid wearing tight undergarments and showers. Loose fitting cloths made of airy fibers such as cotton and linen help maintain the surroundings clean, cool and dry.


The best thing is not to try to crack a pimple vaginal. Another problem is that bacteria can propagate and cause infection. One aspect that can be easily irritated is this sensitive area. And you are probably going to get a lot worse.

If the pickle is filled with pus and continues to widen over several days, it may become a boil. It can get painful as it grows.

Never try to explode or pick your genitals at boiling. It will probably break up again. See your doctor, instead, who can boil so that infection is prevented.