Tips For Healthy Hair

healthy hair

healthy hair

All wish long, silky, shiny hair; I want to be healthy when it comes to natural hair. I admit I don’t care about hair because I’ve been used to twisting my hair for a whole year and not much thinking about it. However, after some time, my texture in my hair changed and it became thin, brittle, and full of split ends and looked like chaos until I took care of it and of what was right for me.

Don’t lie to yourself when it comes to hair, and think that because you have natural hair in another person, you both have the same hair, because every hair type is different, accepting different products and maintenance. These are 10 natural hair tricks for healthy hair that have motivated me to keep following my 4c  healthy hair most of the time.


With natural hair, it is important for you to pick products for your hair, making a big impact on your diet and making the best choice for free sulphate shampoos and good conditioners. It took me time to find the right one because some conditioners didn’t give enough slip and made it harder to unwield. I used thick conditioners with a lot of glitch and perfectly coats the hair, Finding the right hair products will save you a great deal of time and will reduce irritation.


What I really like about natural hair is the variety of hairstyles which I can find and how good they look, the natural hair styling should be fun and when you are styling, make certain that your ends are protected and that you do not pull over or tighten your edges while you are creating your style.


Once you have your items, you need a schedule to simplivy, rinse, cycle, profoundly clean, humidify and even treatment with hot oil every week. It is the right way to go plus the hair will thank you for having some type of regimen that suits your schedule


When I took this measure, my hair breakage was on a different plane and I began to get really uncomfortable with so much hair in my sink and my shampoo. I was aware that it was the method I used to remove my hair, that I worked to find the ideal comb, be it a big tooth comb or a Denman brush, to cut my hair off, I never had my hair split, but I just could tear the fuck out of my hair and it was painful like mad.


Of instance, water is a way of humidification without grassing the skin, if I say hydration and it’s essential to choose the right hair oils. There are so many oil now that it won’t be a problem to be good for your body. I like coconut oil, beaver oil, Shea butter and vitamin e oil, and sometimes aloe vera gel is also on my sides, but as I said it is generally favored and used for more beauty for coconut oil, go here. Moisturized your hair 3-4 days a week, depending on how much your hair is required, again it will be completely moisture-dependent. Hair moisturizing


Natural hair likes to keep as it is natural and so when we decide to bring it into blow dryers, flatirones and any heating form, it can cause hair damage and cause it to be brittle and cause breakage and overall not look good, this happened to me and I ended up chop my hair.

There are different ways in which natural hair can be extended without oil, threaded and banded or packed overnight just to dry out without compromising the skin.

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