Russia To Reply US Missile Launch

On Sunday it was reported that the United State launched a missile which Russia sees as a threat on their own side.They believe that the missile launch came after US withdraw from 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (I.N.F.) Treaty.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called in Russian military to prepare to give the US a pro quo response.

The missile launched by the US was banned by Now defunct arms treaty Which is seen as a threat to the world.

The US had claimed that withdrew from the treaty because of Russian violations, a claim that Moscow has denied.



Lt col. Robert Canver has disputed president puttins assertion that they will use the Use home-base US missile system in Romania could be used to launch a ground attack

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According to Lt col. Robert, the US home-base missile system can give a revenge attack and can not cause any sort of damage to anybody.



“It can only launch the SM-3 interceptor, which does not carry an explosive warhead,” Carver said, adding that it would take “industrial-level construction to reconfigure it to fire offensive weapons. That reconfiguration would entail major equipment installation and software changes.”

Russian have also claimed that US missile launch have shown their denial as false.