Riot As Ikwo Students Got Scammed By Their Local Government Chairman and Nais Executives

It was indeed a big disgrace on the side of the Ikwo local government chairman of Ebonyi State and the Executives of National Association of ikwo Students (NAIS) over a riot that occurred due to their reckless behaviour during dispassion of bussery which is meant to be paid to the student.

Students waiting for their bussery to be paid

It was reported that in 2019 they organized a peaceful screening towards preparation of the bussery payment.

On the a week ago the national association of ikwo student release a public notice that all the student of ikwo local government should assemble at the local government with their screening card to collect their money.

According to our reporter; at the beginning of the bussery dispassion, it was peaceful and it was confirmed that after the first five students were paid, the association paused the payment and kepted the students under the Sun from 10am till 4pm.

Angry students locked outside the bank.

This triggered the anger of the student and they decided to use force, it was recorded that about 5 people were injured, one of the executives hand was broken and Ikwo microfinance bank was broken and some other damages caused by the students.

The Association President and some of the executives were also beaten which some people confirmed as a good thing.

Report also have it that the students were scammed 200 naira by the association in the name of Nais card leaving some people helpless and had no way of going back home.

The angry students are demanding for the refund of their 200 naira and The local government should pay their bussery.

Some of the compalined we also got is that some people that are not from Ikwo collected the bussery while the indigenes went home with nothing.


Rivan Ghafara Devrianza February 6, 2020 at 10:01 am

how can something like this happened?


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