Make your skin glow with this fruits


How will you feel if your skin is glowing, here at I guess, sometimes you dont really need all those refined oil, you can actually mix this things yourself.

1: Avocado

Avocado is very rich in vitamins which helps in making your skin glow, its also good in complexion.

2: coconut oil

Coconut oil is the best skin care oil to use, it can also be used for cooking or for lotion. It maintains your complexion and give you a glowing skin. Its also loaded with far and restored the moisture of the skin.

Model in picture (queen NG OMOKE)

3:  cottage cheese

In the 80s this fruit was used for wait loose, this year it’s coming back as one of the best product for healthy skin

4: mangoes

This have up to 80% of vitamins used for restoring skin cells

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5: red win

Full of polyphenols, red wine helps prevent cell oxidation that causes the skin to age

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