I Love What Megline Is Doing And I’m GratefulFor The Award – Chukwu Nnabuike Collins

Megline Magazine recently have been organizing an award to honour some people who are hard-working and doing something good to make life better for themselves and generation and this led us to have an

interview with one of the awardees for megline Award Chukwu Nnabuife Collins. http://www.meglinemagazine.com.ng/nigeria-and-hell-is-the-same-charly-boy/

He is a student of Ebonyi state university faculty of social sciences and department of sociology, a three hundred level student who has really impacted on the life of his fellow students and friends.

He is not just a student, he is an entrepreneur with class and that what makes him iconic.

In and interview with him, he told us how he felt to receive the news that he is to receive and award as the STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR.

He said “i feel good and i want to tell you that i like what MEGLINE is doing, trying to appreciate the people they know are hard-working, I feel honoured and I want to assure you that I will be present that day with my friends.

I also what to use this opportunity to say thank you to all my friends for their support so far, and i want to send my shout out to all my coursemate, our able course rep and the Dean himself, I’m very grateful.”



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