Eating Junk Food is Bad



A study by the American Physiological Society shows that eating junk food can contribute to the development of depression among adolescents.

Researchers found that adolescents with high levels of sodium and low levels of potassium were more likely to develop depression later on.

The use of processed, unhealthy foods may reflect high sodium levels, researchers noted. Low concentrations of potassium indicate the lack of vegetables, fruit, whole grain, fish and poultry.

84 middle school students were tracked by the study, both of whom had an 18 months higher risk of poor diet and anxiety. The participants came mainly from families with low incomes.

When students were tested at the beginning of the study higher levels of sodium and lower potassium were not linked to depression symptoms. However, the results indicate that unhealthy foods have an increasing impact upon mood over time.

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“These results show that reducing sodium-rich food consumption and that potassium-rich food consumption can help to reduce the prevalence of teenage depression,” the researchers have said.

Previous studies found relationships among adults between mood and diet. However, there was very little research on the links between diet and depression between adolescents.

Every day, many adolescents eat junk food. These can include sugar-sweetened drinks such as fizzy drinks and foods such as potato chips, candy beans, or French fries. But your body can not run on poor fuel properly.

Compared to home cooked foods, junk food is virtually always higher: higher in fat, especially in saturated fat, higher in salt, lower in fiber in nutrients such as calcium and iron served in larger portions, which means more kilojoules.

You may feel lenient when eating too much junk food. A healthier food can increase your strength and help you maintain clear skin.

Although a heart attack in the middle of your life might seem far from possible, it might shock you that you can already have health problems. Even if you are young, a poor diet could lead to weight increase, hypertension, constipation, fatigue, and concentration problems.

The bulk of your daily intake of kilojoule and drinks in kilojoules can be a single energy-dense fast food meal. See the kilojoule label on the menus and check before choosing when eating in fast food chains.


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