Amazon Fire: Brazil Rejects The G7 offer.

Soldiers have been sent to the forest to see what they can do to quench the Amazon fire, millions of dollars have been given but the fire is still trying to overtake

The problem facing the Amazon is the President who have refused to accept aids from people who want to help.

Report has it that the president of Brazil and France have threatened to overshadow the danger facing the Amazon which is regarded as important to getting a remedy to global warming.

Seven Member States led by France president Emmanuel Macron have pledged $22.2million but the president rejected the offer.

President Macron twittered “we can not accept that a president issues inappropriate and gratuitous attack against the Amazon. nor that he disguises his intention behind an alliance of the G7 countries to save the Amazon as if it were a no mans land”

President Jair speaking with Newsmen said “would anyone help someone else without expecting anything in return.

The Brazilian government therefore rejected the offer of the G7. This lead to president macron calling Mr Jair Behaviour shameful.